Solar Home Systems

Product Code: A0809011

Solar Panels:

Start from 500W (contact us to discuss you actual requirements)
See table below for specifications of a 500W system

home solar system

Module Max power 500 W( 170W×3)
Converting efficiency ≥16% mono-crystalline silicon with 125×125 standard square
Electrical data Open circuit voltage 44.5V Max voltage 35.9V
Short circuit current 15.36A Max current 14.22A
Type and Size Type A

1 array*3modules in series 2464×1580 mm

Module size 808×1580×35 mm
Type B

1 array*3modules in series 2464×1580 mm

Installation angle Install at 0°~ 60°from the horizontal

Battery Pack

Rated capacity 300AH Combined mode

150AH/12V2pcs as a array and 3 arrays in parallel

Rated voltage 24V
Battery type Maintenance-free lead-acid Discharging rate ≤50%
Ambient temperature -30℃~+60℃ Weight 250Kg
Lifetime 25 years

discharge Controller
Input output

Size 20A( 12/24 adaptable )
DC output 12V 4 outlets for 4 pcs DC 12 V /11 W CFL
24V 4 outlets for 4 pcs DC 12 V /11 W CFL

AC out-A 50/60Hz

Inverted output of standard electricity wave

Rated output power 500W for group-adaptive loads e.g. lights, TV, electrical heaters

AC output-B50/60Hz

inverted output of pure electricity wave

Rated output power 500W for geist electrical machines loads e.g.:fridges、fans、water pumps

Max Output DC 12V 100W Rated output(100%) DC 12V 60W
24V 100W
24V 60W
AC Standard electricity wave 400W AC Standard electricity wave 500W
Pure electricity wave 400W
Pure electricity wave 400W
Power ability for 50% loads Available Power for a sunny day’s charge 6—8 hours
Available power for full battery 25 hours

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