Cougar Solar is an international company that offers a range of solar products for personal, home and business use.

The mission of the company is to positively improve the quality of living with the use of solar power. It aims to make individuals self sufficient with regards to energy generation thereby reducing environmental pollution as well as energy costs. All Cougar Solar products are of high quality, cost-effective, relevant and reliable...

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compactsolarsystemThese beautiful little lights are a very popular option for lighting up homes or taking camping. It is available in a number of different options

Solar Panel: 10W-40W solar panel with 5 - 6m cable.
SMF lead Acid Battery: 12V 7 - 24Ah.
Lamp: 2 - 8 PCS super bright 3W LED lamps.
USB port to charge mobile phones, MP3, MP4 etc.
Can be supplied with a fan.

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